La casa de Freja -living room before

How our house looked before

Hello and welcome to our house. A year ago, we came back here after a small fire in the dishwasher that cost us to live 6 months out, in addition to losing some objects, not because they were burned but because they were damaged by the toxic smoke. We have been postponing the redecoration of the house, but since I am on maternity leave, this is the opportunity to do so.

La casa de Freja -living room before

This part of the blog is a kind of journal of how I am redecorating the house. In addition, you can use it as a place of inspiration if you also like a mix of Bohemian and Scandinavian style. I am not a decorator or interior designer by profession, rather an architect and lighting designer, so I see interior design from another perspective, so to speak. I love decorating the rooms of the house, taking ideas and inspiring me here and there.

These are photos of how the living room, dining room and kitchenette were decorated before the fire. As you can see, the decoration had to adapt to the color of the curtains and the furniture. In red passion! A challenge, really. That's why we chose accessories almost in the same color brought from Peru. And the main contrast colors were white on walls and ceilings, and the mahogany wood floor.

The paintings seemed to be made especially for such a room, playing with the same color tonality. What I love about this area of the house, is the natural light that enters from the skylights. Plus the white walls gives greater feeling of spaciousness to the whole room. And if we talk about receiving guests at home, the kitchenette makes this large areas just one big social room.

The idea of ​​redecorating the house is almost starting from scratch, with new sofa, suitable for family with children. Curtains of another color. More decoration on walls and plants, many plants, that I will be showing you.

Kisses and see you next time.

Photos: La casa de Freja