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How we received this autumn at home

I’m not particularly eager to change to very sober or opaque colors at home because the weather in Denmark during autumn is gloomy. Gray days, rains, and winds characterize this year’s season in this part of the world. So, in addition to not forgetting to take my vitamin D (primarily if you emigrate from a country in the southern hemisphere to the…

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living room_la casa de freja 2

Our new Peruvian rug took its place in our living room

What a better way to receive the summer than with a rug in the colors that I like the most. Which I associate with joy, vitality and happiness. I cannot live without vibrant colors, it’s part of me; otherwise I get depressed. And even more in our house, which is our temple, and the place that reflects our personality. This…

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La casa de Freja -living room before

How our house looked before

Hello and welcome to our house. A year ago, we came back here after a small fire in the dishwasher that cost us to live 6 months out, in addition to losing some objects, not because they were burned but because they were damaged by the toxic smoke. We have been postponing the redecoration of the house, but since I…

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