frejas nursery room la-casa-de-freja_modboard

Decorating my baby´s nursery room

If you read the previous post about how I made Freja's nursery room mural, you will know that we had red closet and curtains. For that reason, I looked for a combination of colors that included the red color and was also unisex style.

I put together on a mood board the colors, the illustrations I had in mind to buy. And above all, how and where the mural should be, which was the center of attraction of the nursey room.

In this photo, we still had to choose a small rug. In addition, the crib that I thought to have it in white color, ended up being this cradle of my husband, it means it was 30 yearsold! A family relic, even if my husband does not like the way it sounds.

For the wall on the left I designed some illustrations with her name and a nice message in Spanish. While on the wall on the right cube shelves with their stuffed animals, which then she wanted to use it as a ladder. And some shelves for her first books, in Spanish and Danish.

Now with almost 3 years, Freja has her playroom. I promise to show it to you soon.

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