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Our new Peruvian rug took its place in our living room

What a better way to receive the summer than with a rug in the colors that I like the most. Which I associate with joy, vitality and happiness. I cannot live without vibrant colors, it's part of me; otherwise I get depressed. And even more in our house, which is our temple, and the place that reflects our personality.

This rug that I received from Peru is the color accent that we needed, a contrast to our big sofa in black leather. In addition, with our two small children, it was more than necessary to have a sofa with easy maintenance and especially easy cleaning. Previously we had an alpaca rug (long hair) in brown and beige colors. But it didn´t match so well the color of the kitchenette´s cabinets, so we will look for a more appropriate place for it in the house.

My orchid and the cushions go perfect with the new rug, and as you can see I am a fuchsia lover. What I like about this rug is not just the design, patterns and the colors it has, but knowing that it is a piece of Peru that I have at home.

This rug is really a “frazada” or blanket used by the people of the Andes to protect from the cold. It is made in manual loom by small communities in the Andes, using sheep wool and natural dyes. It reminds me of the many trips I've made to Cusco, including my husband in the last two trips. We hope our children are big enough to visit that beautiful city, in addition to Puno and crossing the border to visit Bolivia.

Have you visited Peru? If you have not done it yet, I hope it is included in your list of countries to visit 🙂

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Photos: Fiorella Madsen