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7 Simple ways to make the best of your ethnic rugs

In a previous post we saw different types of ethnic rugs, each with its own characteristics that make them beautiful and unique. If you choose to buy one or more, here are some tips on where and how to put them at home to get the most out of your room and your rugs.1.- They can be placed on the walls. In the room as wall art, according to its size it will be the protagonist of this room of the house.

2.- You can also place it in the bedroom as a headboard, so this room will be more welcoming.

3.- One rug or more on the floor.  The rooms where it would look very well, in addition to the living room and dining room, are: at the foot of the bed, entrance hall, in nursery rooms, in the kitchen. I mean, they go perfect anywhere!

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4.- If your style is more bohemian, would be perfect with light colored cushions on your rug (close to the window or terrace would be perfect).

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5.- You can play with different sizes of rugs if you have a large room.

6.- If you have a hallway, you can place the rugs at a certain distance from each other.

7.- If you have a variety of rugs in your home and you have nowhere to put them, why would you hide or get rid of them? You can display them in a special place. For example, you can roll them in such a way that the design is appreciated, and place them in a basket in the corner of a room.

Many options, so it only depends on you which one suits better to your personality and the decoration of your home.