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Thrifted home decor challenge – DIY cushions makeover

Hello, don´t you think it is time for a DIY? Here it is and I hope it will inspire you, since I had a lot of fun doing it. This DIY is part of the Thrifted home decor challenge organized by Tasha from the blog Rufus & Henrietta. Welcome to La casa de Freja if you are coming from Katie’s blog, Homespun Habits! I imagine that you loved the coffee cup holder DIY of Katie as much as I did. And now it’s my turn, with some ideas that I came up with for some cushions.

A couple of weeks ago we were cleaning the garage and I found a box with some decorative things from the living room and a pair of sofa cushions. This was the last box of what we recovered from the small fire we had. The truth is that I had forgotten that we had them, but new cushions are always welcome. Although in this case not new at all, I decided to give them a makeover and to adapt them to the redecoration of our house, which I would define as “scandi boho”. Scandinavian style from my husband and bohemian from mine. Completely different styles you will say, but don´t they say that opposites attract? And I think they match good each other in our house in Denmark.

So I went to the supermarket and bought yarn in different colors to give some details to my cushions and at the same time keeping the color palette of our living room. This is the moodboard that I used as a reference; taking ideas from colors, symbols and shapes from my country, Peru.

moodboard - diy ethnic cushion makeover


What do you need?

  • Cushions that you no longer use
  • Yarn in different colors (each one for less than 3 dollars)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler, compass or whatever you have on hand to create your own drawings.

Since I had two cushions, I decided to give you two different ideas using the same materials but varying in color and design. Let’s go step by step.

image - diy ethnic pillow makeover

Making the pompoms

I used this afro comb to make the pompoms, it´s the same size as the palm of my hand.

pompom - diy ethnic pillow makeover 1
I gave it an approximate of 100-120 laps.

pompom - diy ethnic pillow makeover 2

This comb  helped me to put easily the strip of yarn that goes in the middle.

pompom - diy ethnic pillow makeover 3
Then you cut the edges, and what you will get is a pompom with messy hairs. Use a pair of scissors to give a better shape to the pompom.

pompom - diy ethnic pillow makeover 4

Design on cushions

Using my moodboard, I drew simple designs inside the cushion. As I am a beginner in the world of embroidery, the choice of these drawings was to embroider more easily and to not exaggerate in decorating the cushions. For each cushion I used only two colors.

drawings - diy ethnic pillow makeover
Two cushions with different designs and colors to decorate two different corners in our home.
diy ethnic cushion makeover finishdiy ethnic cushion makeover 1
diy ethnic cushion makeover 2
I hope you liked it and try to give a new chance to those cushions that you probably have stored somewhere in your house. I invite you to be inspired by Kelly’s decor idea in her blog Oh So Kel.

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Until next time and enjoy the weekend!

diy cushion makeover