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Great ideas to give life to your home

Not long ago I told you about how floral patterns and tapestries can bring life and style to any room in your home. Due to our visit to Casacor Peru 2018, we could see several environments enriched with patterns related to nature. One of them is the interior of a kitchen created by the interior designer Carlos Maza Fernandini.

The highlight and beauty of this kitchen is undoubtedly that wall with patterns of floral motifs and plants. Maybe you think it's a wallpaper, but it's not, these patterns are hand painted and have been specially designed for this project by the designer. If you wonder how long it took to be painted, I tell you that it lasted 25 days!

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CASA VIVA (Living House) is not only about flowers

"Living house is not necessarily flowers, it also means that the garden and nature are integrated into the interior of the house. We play with elements that convey the richness and freshness of nature, "designer Carlos Maza told us when asked about this beautiful mural.

And I think you'll agree with me, that you really feel that sense of freshness and vivacity in the environment thanks to these painted patterns. One of the things that I like most about this design is that the beautiful, does not allow to forget the functionality that is elementary in any interior space. This kitchen is quite complete and comfortable to perform the different activities that are essential in a room like this. It has an oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, dish dryer and an invisible extractor hood.

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Have you seen that there is no need to be afraid of big patterns? If you are one of those who like to venture to do things for yourself, you can even paint a pattern created by you and for you. You can place it on a wall in your kitchen or why not? In your bathroom. I would like one in pastel colors for my bedroom.

Forgotten spaces

An area that is usually forgotten or left aside are the stairs and circulations of our house. We tend to think: "There is not much to do there". Designers Natalia Aguirre and Luis Escobar do not think the same.

The circulations of Casa Mario Branco in Casacor 2018, were brought to life by these two designers, proposing them as areas of contemplation, and not only transit. And they did it by using wallpaper with exotic motifs inspired by Peruvian jungle and textures related to natural materials in some walls.

When you walk up the stairs, you really stop to see the artistic pieces that are hung on some walls or the beautiful exotic patterns that accompany you until you reach to the most beautiful part: the ceiling. A fabric of green leaves and plants is held from the ceiling. There hang a pair of wooden texture lamps that dimly illuminate the staircase.

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If you have your stairs a little forgotten, you can give them life and turn them into a nice and cozy area as the rest of the house, adding pieces or decorative pictures on the walls or some wallpaper. Although you already know that you can also paint it yourself and have something unique.