Making our first Advent calendar

Making our first Advent calendar

The last time we went to the forest, I picked up some branches to make the shape of a tree as an Advent calendar. In addition to that, I needed to buy string, and look for the drill that is in the garage. But a few days later I went to the supermarket and I found the Christmas tree ready! Just to take it out of the bag, hang it on the wall and add the decoration. So, I went to look for gifts and cards to put it all together.

Here are some gift ideas for the little ones at home. Note: gifts do not necessarily have to be material objects but also experiences that we can offer to them.

  • A date alone with mom
  • Visit a Christmas fair
  • A date alone with dad
  • Ice cream afternoon
  • Go to the library (Freja loves it!)
  • Go to the lake to see the ducks and swans (close to the nature)
  • Take a picture with Santa Claus
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Dance evening
  • Christmas movie and popcorn evening
  • Family camping (for my southern hemisphere friends ?)

The rest are gifts that I got in a dollar store. And if you don’t have children at home, you can do it for yourself or your partner.

Making our first Advent calendar 05

Do you love the idea?