Frida Kahlo: Inspiration board and a collage idea

“Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing.” – Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo (Mexico, 1907-1954) is recognized in the artistic field but her influence encompassed many more areas such as politics, sexuality and the empowerment of women, a topic that today is very important in Latin American countries.

Her art or to be more accurate her portraits, speak of her life, pain and passion. Her artwork, style and color are taken as inspiration, also within art, in categories such as decoration and fashion.

Inspiration in interior decoration

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In decoration, her influence can be seen in the design of decorative accessories such as cushions, curtains, tiles, illustrations, textiles and  wallpaper. Even in decorative styles such as the bohemian and in the use of color palette inspired by her and her artwork. And as you can see in the inspiration board even in party cakes, although here I would say that it has more influence of the Mexican culture in general. Even so, beautiful.

Interiors inspired by her, like this house full of patterns and vivid colors. You can see the whole house here.

Frida Kahlo Inspiration board and a collage idea 05
Photography / James Merrell Styling / Marianne Cotterill
Frida Kahlo Inspiration board and a collage idea 11
Photography / James Merrell Styling / Marianne Cotterill

Or this house in Sweden inspired by the Blue House (Casa Azul), where Frida and Diego lived for many years. With a more Scandinavian style and still maintaining a color palette and soft textures that reminds us of the Blue House (Casa Azul). Frida Kahlo Inspiration board and a collage idea 12

Knowing her a little more

If you don’t know much about her or you want to know her a little more, I recommend you watch the movie inspired by her life: Frida. Or you want to have her to inspire you all year round, you can get the calendar here.

Making a collage

I tried to inspire myself and create something small as an illustration, I thought of a portrait of herself first, but to be honest I do not consider myself good at making them 😀 so at the end it ended up being a collage, with a hand drawing to which I added photographs of some roses I had in one of my vases at home.Frida Kahlo Inspiration board and a collage idea 10 frida

Children's books

I don’t want to end the post without mentioning how important this character is to us Latin American (Hispanic American) women. If you have a daughter, or a son, at reading age, I recommend you this selection of iconic women's biographies and of which now more than ever we should take as an example. There are two collections that I like, one is in English and has among its titles, women like Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel and Marie Curie. The other selection is in Spanish and you can also find Frida Kahlo with Violeta Parra. When Freja and Thiago are of reading age, these books will be part of their collection.frida book 1 frida book 2

Good weekend!

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