5 plants to decorate your kitchen that you should not miss 02

5 plants to decorate your kitchen that you should not miss

Our kitchen is one of the places where we spend a good part of the time during the day. And a space that is increasingly considered more social but often left aside when decorating. Maybe you think that because of the heat and steam in the kitchen, considering putting plants in it is not possible. But the truth is that there are a variety of plants to  decorate your kitchen. Thus, I've prepared a top 5 with the perfect plants to give your kitchen that cool style you love so much.

  1. Cactus

Cactus comes in different varieties, there are large and small, that's why I consider them ideal species to decorating the kitchen. Its small sizes and low need for irrigation make it an ideal option. And they are even more beautiful when they bloom!

5 plants to decorate your kitchen that you should not miss 01

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  1. Mint

It is a fresh and green aromatic plant with many small leaves. It is one of my favorites because they bring a fresh and mild smell to the room beside it can be used in the preparation of a dessert or a mint tea. This plant is medium watering so you will not have problems if you leave it in a place where it has a bit of shade.

  1. Aloe Vera

This is one of my favorites. Did you know that Aloe Vera is very good for stomach gastritis and inflammation? It is usually known for its contribution to the skin, but very few people know that it is a natural inflammation reducer for gastritis, and that makes it one of my favorites. I love adding it to my juices in the morning.

This useful and beautiful plant not only will look very nice in your kitchen but also can contribute to your health! With some sun and some water will be more than good. Aloe Vera also comes in different sizes and is a low watering plant. Some of these beauties are miniatures. But I doubt that being so small you can use them for your juices, but it will bring a lot of decoration to your space!

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  1. Busy Lizzie or Patient Lucy

This plant is known as Busy Lizzie or Patient Lucy, but its original name is Impatiens Walleriana. Among its green leaves bloom some beautiful fuchsia flowers. They brighten any space with their colors! They need soil moist but not soaking wet. And a lot of light to live, but not directly.

5 plants to decorate your kitchen that yo

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  1. Rosemary

To add greenery to your kitchen, rosemary with many small and thin leaves gives a soft and pleasant smell. The best thing is that it is medium watering and you can use it to spice up your meals. Thus, forget about going to the supermarket to buy it. What better than growing it yourself!

These plants will undoubtedly not only bring freshness and style to your kitchen but will also prevent you from going to the supermarket for species. Everything depends on which one you choose, but all of them seem great options for a kitchen. Which other plant would you like to include in this top?

Until the next post!