Simple steps to decorate with mirrors 01

Simple steps to decorate with mirrors

Decorating with mirrors adds life to any space, and a lot of personality. If you have a wall that you would like to give life to, this post is for you.


The colors of the mirrors will depend a lot of the wall and the accessories that accompany the decoration. Having a white wall widens many options of mirror frames, while a wall of color limits that range of options. Which is not bad, everything depends on the result you want to achieve.


Combine different sizes and shapes, that will enrich the design of the wall decoration. Combining a large size and a small one in the same way, is a simple way to achieve a good result. If you have a large wall and want to achieve a strong focal point you can put a single large mirror with nice details to make it look imposing in the room.

Simple steps to decorate with mirrors 02

Image credit: H&M - Mirrors: Etsy - Decorcontreras 1 and Etsy - Decorcontreras 2


The order in which you put the mirrors is just the opposite (hehe), with this I mean that you do not need to be very orderly. Have fun! Play with the sizes and shapes, you will be surprised when you see how well there are angular and circular shapes together.

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Image credit: Fenton and Fenton - Mirrors: Etsy - Decorcontreras