How to create a home that combines comfort and style 02

How to create a home that combines comfort and style

Do you find yourself drooling over those ultra-sophisticated rooms that you see on Instagram, but always shy away from recreating the trend in your own home? If so, it is probably because you worry that you will be creating a room with more style than substance, somewhere that is more of a show home than a place to relax in. This is because comfort and style are not two words that usually go together when talking about home interiors. However, with the right design choices, it is entirely possible to combine both of these. If you are wondering how to create a living space that not only looks stylish but is incredibly comfortable too, these tips should help:

Lovely lighting

Lighting is an all-important factor to consider in any decorating scheme, but one that is often overlooked. When creating a look that gives the impression of style, but feels comfortable, the right lighting can help.

For the sake of both comfort and style, it is crucial to forgo the temptation to rely simply on a ceiling light with a bright bulb. This will look way too harsh, and it is hard to relax in a home that makes you feel you are under a spotlight. Instead of using one ceiling light, it is a good idea to layer your lighting. To do this, you can use a few lamps dotted around your room, wall lights, or a combination of the two, if you prefer. Having a few different lighting options means that your room will be illuminated more subtly.

How to create a home that combines comfort and style 01

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Get cozy

With the right choice of blankets and throws, it is entirely possible to get cozy and comfortable, without ruining your room’s stylish vibe. Pick Luxury Cotton Blankets to up your comfort, while keeping your look high-end. Natural materials, such as cotton are the ideal choice when looking for both comfort and sophistication, as they offer plenty of pared-down elegance.

Whether you have tiles, wooden floors, or carpets, nothing better than having your toes on a soft rug. Rugs make a big style statement and can be a strong feature for a room. Finding the perfect rug really is an ideal addition for any home that wants added comfort without compromising on style.

A must-have item on your home makeover shopping list has to be cushions. Cushions are such a simple but effective way to lift the look of any room. Choose natural fabrics, and add them to your couch for the perfect place to relax in the evening. The great thing about cushions is that they are easily changeable. Choosing different cushions can transform your appearance in a very short time if you decide you want a change.

Don’t forget your accessories 

How to create a home that combines comfort and style 02

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Accessories are often what makes a house a home, these smaller items may not be significant in size, but they are what gives a room its personality. Elements such as ornaments and trinkets are the glue that joins a scheme and can bridge the comfort and style.

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