Halloween: light, shadow and color (DIY)

Halloween light, shadow and color 02

Halloween was the perfect occasion to entertain my kids by painting pumpkins and playing with lights and shadows in this DIY.

As they are small, I did not want to draw anything scary but pumpkins with funny faces, a happy ghost, and a castle in the background.

The funny thing about this craft is that you build your drawings on levels. That depends on what you want to be closer or far from the full moon, which will be the source of artificial light that goes to the bottom and preferably in the center.

It was the first sketch of what I wanted to include in the drawing, starting with the full moon.

Halloween light, shadow and color DIY 01

This is the order of the drawings that are separated 0.6 inch (1.5cm) between each one. And then I got a frame to cover the sides and so the light is contained in this space.

Halloween light, shadow and color DIY 02 Halloween light, shadow and color DIY 03

The LED strips placed on the inner edges give you the light effect you want to achieve. You can even play with different strips and thus play with a color scheme.

Halloween light, shadow and color 01 Halloween light, shadow and color 02

On Etsy, you can find many of these templates of these lightboxes and with different motifs, even Christmas!

halloween diy 01
Etsy – Paper Lightbox Designs
halloween diy 02
Etsy – Lightbox 3D Crafts
christmas diy
Etsy – Jumbleink


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