Alpaca, natural colors and textures

Alpaca fiber, natural colors and textures

When you travel to Peru, be sure that you will return to your country with a textile piece made with alpaca fiber. Its natural fiber is soft, hypoallergenic and is also a durable material, unlike other fibers. Perfect to keep you warm during the coldest seasons of the year, and as fabrics to decorate your home because of the texture…

Halloween wreaths for this 31

Halloween wreaths for this 31

We are so close to Halloween and you still don’t have the wreath for the door of your house? Terrific wreaths, perfect for that night of October 31 and best of all, are handcrafted by creatives on the Etsy platform. Terrifying or cute, but very ingenious, choose your favorite.

My Fall favorites 2019

My Fall favorites 2019

Being born in Lima (Peru) didn’t allow me to appreciate every season of the year in all its splendor. Now that I live in Denmark, I enjoy and can see the beauty of each one of them. Fall is a special season for all its range of colors that slowly invite you to winter. Here are my favorites for this…

lovely alpaca 01

Lovely Alpaca, boho decor from Peru to your home

This post is very special since it is dedicated to the shop that my mom has reopened on the Etsy platform (Lovely Alpaca). As I told you before, in September I traveled to Peru for a few days and together with my mother we traveled to Cusco to visit artisan communities. So along with them and appreciating how they work,…

Table runner the protagonist of our dining room 02

Table runner, the protagonist of our dining room

I wanted to show you how our dining room was decorated with the new table runner that I brought from Peru. This beautiful table runner is handmade with 100% alpaca wool dyed naturally by artisans in Chinchero, a district of Cusco. I love the colors, but overall the design and iconography of Chinchero (Cusco) represented on it.Now we are ready…

Beautiful Cusco 02

A short but wonderful trip in Cusco

It’s been 10 years since I visited Cusco the last time and for me, it is the best city to recharge energy. With its beautiful blue sky (if it is not rainy season, of course) and the kindness of its people; my mom, Thiago and I enjoyed those 4 days. It was the 7th time I visited this beautiful city…

Binga baskets to decorate your walls 03

Collections: Binga baskets to decorate your walls

In most of the decorations of global or bohemian style, a gallery wall is usually highlighted. This wall can be decorated with paintings of different formats and designs, with mirrors, with ceramics or as the title of this post, with wicker baskets.There is a variety of handmade wicker baskets. But today I want to show you these baskets woven by…

Cultural heritage and textiles in Chinchero Cusco 01

Cultural heritage and textiles in Chinchero, Cusco

After a few years, I traveled to my dear country Peru with my little Thiago to visit the family and also to visit Cusco together with my mother.During those 4 days in Cusco, we learned more about our culture and its traditional fabrics at the Apu Antasaqa Artisanal Association. This association is located in the district of Chinchero in the…

Choose the best lighting for your paintings or gallery wall 00

Choose the best lighting for your paintings or gallery wall

If you are an art lover, surely you have paintings or pictures decorating one of the walls of your house. Here I want to give you tips to highlight them through proper lighting. Illuminating paintings, photography, and illustrations First of all, it is very different to illuminate a painting than an illustration or photograph within a glass photo frame. Paintings.…