A family trip to the mountains in Norway 03

A family trip to the mountains in Norway

When I search Airbnb, I will not deny that I always select the option that the space to rent has a Wi-Fi connection and all the necessary amenities. But at Tonny’s request, this time it was different, and of the five options I gave him, he chose this rustic cabin in the mountains in Norway. After a week of living there,…

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9 Christmas gift ideas for the global style lover 02

9 Christmas gift ideas for the global style lover

If you didn’t have the opportunity to travel to some distant and exotic country in the last few months, and you have no idea of a Christmas gift for the global design lover, here I give you these ideas. They are traditional pieces from different parts of the world to decorate that particular house corner. Be sure that whoever receives this…

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Thanksgiving, surprising home hosts 05

Thanksgiving, surprising your hosts

Are you invited to celebrate Thanksgiving? Then surprise the hosts of the house with these gifts. Perfect for the season and to thank for this date of union with family and closest friends, including the little ones of the house. This fall gift set combines the aromas, textures, and colors of fall by Raraw Botanicals:   Peruvian wall mirror to decorate…

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Halloween light, shadow and color 02

Halloween: light, shadow and color (DIY)

Halloween was the perfect occasion to entertain my kids by painting pumpkins and playing with lights and shadows in this DIY. As they are small, I did not want to draw anything scary but pumpkins with funny faces, a happy ghost, and a castle in the background. The funny thing about this craft is that you build your drawings on levels. That…

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How to properly care for your cacti and succulents 02

How to properly care for your cacti and succulents

Our friends at Plant Shoppe helped us answer the questions we had about the care of our cacti and succulents, and gave us good tips to keep in mind: 1. Do succulents and cacti need a special pot? No, they do not. Any type of pot will work, but it should have drainage. This allows for any excess water to…

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Atixfortynine The fantasy world 01

Atixfortynine: The fantasy world

Guest post by AtixfortynineWe make cloth dolls with details for children.We have thought a lot about cloth and alpaca toys because they contribute to cognitive and sensory development in children. They also stimulate the earliest stages in the development of children by activating language skills and fine motor movements.The toys follow a Scandinavian style. For example, shades of color in…

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Latest trends in wallpaper in 2019 risky combinations 02

Latest trends in wallpaper in 2019: risky combinations

  Wallpaper has always been a decorative element used with great caution. And it has been used primarily with small floral or geometric patterns. In recent years, larger patterns, such as close-ups of smaller ones, have been increasingly used. But, even so, they have been treated with great care when choosing them. I think the reason is the fear of not…

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3 types of blankets to enjoy this autumn 06

3 types of blankets to enjoy this autumn

For a Sunday movie, on a rainy afternoon, or just to give a warm look to your living room, there is only one element that can completely change the image of this space and even the feeling of comfort in it: A blanket. It may seem insignificant, but it makes a huge difference! There are several types of blankets, but…

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How we received this autumn at home

I’m not particularly eager to change to very sober or opaque colors at home because the weather in Denmark during autumn is gloomy. Gray days, rains, and winds characterize this year’s season in this part of the world. So, in addition to not forgetting to take my vitamin D (primarily if you emigrate from a country in the southern hemisphere to the…

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